‘Exercise In State Propaganda’ As Israeli Apologist Visits University

Academics, students and activists have criticised the Soas university for allowing Israel’s ambassador to Britain,  Mark Regev, to speak there later on this week.

Regev is an extremist and vocal supporter of Israel’s inhumane and criminal treatment of the Palestine people.

Over 150 academics from Soas and other UK universities, and an additional 40 student societies have asked the Soas director Valerie Amos stop the meeting.

The letter reads:

Mark Regev is not an ordinary ambassador but one who has a spokesman for the Israeli government justified Israel’s 2006 aggression on Lebanon and its repeated onslaughts on Gaza.

They also express concern over student safety:

We fear that if this provocative event proceeds as planned, it will cause substantial distress and harm to many of our students and staff who are, have been or will be affected by the actions of what a recent UN report refers to as the Israeli ‘apartheid regime.

Mark Regev is scheduled to speak at the Soas university on Thursday.

Interestingly, Mark Regev isn’t the real name of this chief propagandist. His birth name is Mark Freiberg, which doesn’t sound Zionist enough so he changed it to a Hebrew word that means ‘a small clod of earth’.

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