The Telegraph Attempts To Smear BSD Campaign As Anti-Semitic

Today an opinion piece in The Telegraph attempts to liken Boycott Israel campaigns as Nazi’s.

For starters, just look at this picture in the middle of the article – combined with the headline of the article that it’s linking to.

The image of the swastika, along with the accusation that anti-Semitism is common within the left, is nothing more than an attempt to smear campaign groups who oppose Israel’s torrent of war crimes and ongoing genocide of the Palestinian people.

No evidence is presented at any point.

The article itself accuse protesters of making Jewish students feel ‘uncomfortable’, but fails to acknowledge it’s the behaviour of their homeland that needs to be examined, not the peaceful and lawful response from BSD activists.

‘Exercise In State Propaganda’ As Israeli Apologist Visits University

Academics, students and activists have criticised the Soas university for allowing Israel’s ambassador to Britain,  Mark Regev, to speak there later on this week.

Regev is an extremist and vocal supporter of Israel’s inhumane and criminal treatment of the Palestine people.

Over 150 academics from Soas and other UK universities, and an additional 40 student societies have asked the Soas director Valerie Amos stop the meeting.

The letter reads:

Mark Regev is not an ordinary ambassador but one who has a spokesman for the Israeli government justified Israel’s 2006 aggression on Lebanon and its repeated onslaughts on Gaza.

They also express concern over student safety:

We fear that if this provocative event proceeds as planned, it will cause substantial distress and harm to many of our students and staff who are, have been or will be affected by the actions of what a recent UN report refers to as the Israeli ‘apartheid regime.

Mark Regev is scheduled to speak at the Soas university on Thursday.

Interestingly, Mark Regev isn’t the real name of this chief propagandist. His birth name is Mark Freiberg, which doesn’t sound Zionist enough so he changed it to a Hebrew word that means ‘a small clod of earth’.

Why Are Radiohead Supporting Apartheid?

Despite outcry from within the music industry itself, Radiohead are refusing to boycott Israel by performing in Tel Aviv on the 19th of July.

An open letter issued to the band from Artists for Palestine UK, a group of artists and activists, reads:

By playing in Israel you’ll be playing in a state where, UN rapporteurs say, ‘a system of apartheid has been imposed on the Palestinian people’.

Since Radiohead campaigns for freedom for the Tibetans, we’re wondering why you’d turn down a request to stand up for another people under foreign occupation.

 Please do what artists did in South Africa’s era of oppression: stay away, until apartheid is over.

A statement has been issued from director Ken Loach:

The Palestinians’ land is being stolen, they are being oppressed in every way, their daily lives made intolerable, many are imprisoned unlawfully in Israel, including shockingly, their children.

This is hypocritical of the group, when they are prominent members of the free Tibet movement.

So why are Radiohead determined to support a rogue nation that profits from apartheid, war crimes, the violation of international law and crimes against humanity?

It might not be purely for the money. It turns out that the band has personal ties to the country. Jonny Greenwood, the bands guitarist, is married to Sharona Katan – an Israeli artist.

Germany Acknowledges Israel ‘Profiting From Tensions’

In a rare moment of factual reporting from the mainstream media, today Reuters claims that Norbert Roettgen, head of Germany’s parliamentary foreign affairs committee acknowledged:

Israel was profiting from tensions elsewhere in the region, which had shifted the focus away from the Israeli-Palestinian issue, and in-fighting among Palestinians.

He also admitted that ‘only a two-state solution will be sustainable’:

We do not believe that the current situation is sustainable. We think it’s necessary to make another attempt to revive talks and negotiations in the framework of the Middle East process.

He also told the media:

All those who care deeply about Israel … are sad, even depressed, about how entrenched everything is, and how much Israel is relying on its military-police superiority and is not developing any perspectives for the situation.

Roettgen will meet with the Israeli Prime Minister and war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu this week.

In March this year, Netanyahu was snubbed by Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel when she canceled a summit that was scheduled to take place in Jerusalem in May, on the grounds that she was concerned about Israel’s further illegal invasion of the West Bank.

I can only dream of a World in which political leaders refuse to cooperate with war monger psychopaths like Netanyahu.